Bridges made out of rocks

Bridges made out of rocks // Jan Adriaans, Csilla Klenyanszki et Marion Bocquet-Appel

 Seoul Museum of Art, Nanji Exhibition Hall, Seoul, Corée du Sud - Septembre 2014.

Balance: an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. But what if this weight starts shifting? Bocquet-Appel, Klenyánski and Adriaans explore the meaning of balance in a physical and metaphorical sense, by exploring and stretching the borders of material, fix-point what can’t be fixed, or unfold a rumour about a university building complex. The works are developed in the summer of 2014 in Seoul, when air-conditions battle the pounding summer heat. By their intake of contemporary Korean culture, getting involved in specific matters in and around the energetic city of Seoul, the artists fed and influenced their artistic practise. This resulted in their individual projects, which were developed through constant dialogue with each other and with their Korean artists friends. The show sets out an arrangement of sculptural work, video screening and photography.

Photographies de Jan Adriaans

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